TYPO takes the UK and European market by storm!

If you are a stationary lover or just love all things cute, DIY, Art, Organised, travel and tech then TYPO is the store for you. Not only is this a store that caters to the needs for those that love to keep their life organised but also for all you artsy people out there, Typo is … Continue Reading

Models Own Haul

Giving yourself a treat once in a while is not so bad. So during my lunch break I decided I was going to treat myself to some goodies and Models Own was calling my name. Technically I wanted to buy some chrome nail polish after seeing a few of my colleagues have them. So I entered the … Continue Reading

My Berlin Adventure

This Summer was really an adventure to say the least not only did I went to Germany (mainly Cologne) for my holiday, me and my brother also went on a 3 day adventure to Berlin. To say the least this was the most crazy 3 days that I have endured, there was a lot of … Continue Reading

How: I dip Dyed my ends blue/green

So if you are like me and you struggle with getting your hair coloured? Because it just doesn’t listen to you, then the only option is bleach. I know I know bleach is ridiculously bad for your hair but trust me it may be the only way especially is you have black hair like mine or … Continue Reading

KPOP Boyband Bias Members Top 10

When it comes to Kpop and every fanatic out there will know, you will always have that one member that you are attracted to, well someone that you always gravitate to that is known as a Bias, and the reason could simply be because they are the most handsome person you have ever seen or … Continue Reading