Revolution-makeup-london-reviewI am not really a person that realy fusses with contouring and highlighting my face, since my skin is on the lighter side I thought that it may not be as visible as I want it to be. However while I was roaming through Superdrug I came across the Makeup Revlution London Highlight Palette, and I thought it’s worth a try.

At first I really thought would this even last? However when I swatched the colours they were really pigmented and the colours are also really pretty.




As you can see the product is really pigmented especially the purple and the yellow toned one, however the pink one took a little bit more product before the colour was visible on my fingers and cheeks, hence the reason why I rarely used that colour.

When you apply the product you will get the shiny glowy feeling and it does last quite a while,  however I did find when I used the yellow toned highlight, I had to reapply a little bit more to the cheeksthroughout the day in order to have that radiance feeling. I would probably try this product out a couple more times before I can really say if it’s one of my favourites, it would also be wise to test it out during the night since I’ve only really been using this product during the day and my review is basically based on that. But so far I am really loving this product and would recommend this to you guys out there who have a lighter skin tone like me and would still like to have the experience in highlighting and accentuate your cheekbones.

Currently I am quite a fan of this brand not only are the price reasonable but the product is actually worth it and they do work well a majority of the products provide better results than others.

You can get yours here for £8

Let me know if you test out this product, or if you have already tested this one tell us what you think about it.


That’s al for now Lovelies

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