We all love the feeling of masks especially the feeling of the aftermath after your skin soak up all the liquid. Recently i purchased some face masks from Amazon, you may be familiar with them, they are the animal masks that has taken Asia by storm with many kpop stars and korean celebrities raving about them not only are they cute but each one has different effects for the face. The pack I bought comes with 4 different masks they are the Panda,  Tiger, Otter and the dragon.


Below I will tell you a bit about each of the mask:

  1. Panda Whitening Mask


The Panda mask is a whitening mask that helps to restore dull and rough skin that helps to soften your skin while brightening it at the same time.

2. Dragon Soothing Mask


For those with sensitive skin. helps to soothe redness and sensitive areas.

3. Tiger Wrinkle Mask


Anitwrinkle worriers this mask will help to boose skin cells leaving skin radiant, I won’t say that this mask will prevent wrinkles from forming. But you are never too young to start preventing them from forming too early.

4. Otter Aqua Mask


So the time came for the graduation ball and I wanted my face to be more moisturised so I decided to use one of the masks that gives my face more of a moisture boost. I tried out the Otter Aqua mask to give my skin a little bit more moisture, because I don’t what was wrong with my skin but I suddenly had some dry spots around my cheeks and under my eyes area, so I needed something that would moisture those areas. I can definitely tell that this mask really work because I did feel my face was much more moisturised the second day and my face was significanlty less dry.

So I can’t wait to test out the other masks as I feel that they would have the same effect as the Otter Mask.





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