When it comes to Kpop and every fanatic out there will know, you will always have that one member that you are attracted to, well someone that you always gravitate to that is known as a Bias, and the reason could simply be because they are the most handsome person you have ever seen or they are just full of pure talent. Here is my list of my top Biases from Boybands in KPOP today.

  1. Big Bang: G Dragon & Taeyang

    What can you say about the Kings of K-POP GD(G Dragon) and Taeyang has been in the game for 10 years now as part of South Korea’s biggest idol group and as individuals as well and they still are in my top faves after all these years. With the Chic and coolness attitude of GD and the smooth vocals of Taeyang they are like a pair of absolute dream. Not only that but they are also both very successful and creative. If you did not know but GD is the main producer for Big Bang he produces, writes  creates everything that revolves around Big Bang. If you haven’t checked them out before you totally should. Big Bang Forever!

  2. Exo: Chenchen-exo
    Chen Chen came onto the scene in 2012 when he debut in EXO!!!! Another one of my faves, I literally love all of them but Chen is by far my favourite. Not only is his voice the most soothing and most mellow sound you will ever hear but there is also a funny side to him. Watch him on the variety shows and you will instantly fall in love with him. Don’t forget Chen being labeled as the “Dancing Manchine”

  3. Infinite: L (Kim Myungsoo) infinite-l
    Well what can you say about L??? He is just the cutest and handsome person ever!!!!Since Infinite’s debut I have gravitated towards L, although he isn’t the best singer within the group he definitely has the looks.

  4. BTS : Jungkookbts-jungkook
    Ok So Jungkook from BTS may be the youngest one on this list but I don’t care he is cute yet he has a masculine look to him especially when he dances. He is known as the “Golden Maknae” which basiclaly means he can sing, dance and rap is there anything that this guy can’t do?  (P.S He is the same age as my younger cousin T_T)

  5. GOT7 : JR (Park Jinyoung)got7-jr
    So when you are named after your boss you are bound to be gifted with performance and showmanship right? Well Jinyoung is definitely gifted in singing and dancing but he also took the looks as well. Debuting in the Korean Drama Dream High 2 and then in the unit JJ Project and finally debuting under GoT7, Jonyoung definitely have a few experiences under his belt. Not only is he talented musically but also with variety as well, if you haven’t yet check out GoT7’s little variety show Real Got7 (Now on Netflix).

  6. IKON: B.I (Kim Hanbin)bi-hanbin-ikon-26
    Can you not tell just but the image? Cutie or what? Ever since their battle show on Win and then Mix & Match, Hanbin has stolen my heart. Within YG he could be said to be the next GD of his generation of idols. How can you not love his witty remarks and he definitely is the mood maker within iKon well to me he is.

  7. Shinee: Onew & Taeminonew-shinee
    Kid Leader Onew is just full of character from his Dakbam to his acting skills in Descendents of the Sun to his activities with Shinee, I have grown to really like Onew over the last couple of years.

    Ok So I have loved Taemin ever since Shinee’s debut days, but since his solo activities and then his performance on Hit the Stage has me loving ths guy again. Totally one of a kind and the only one to actually look pretty and beautiful when dressed as a girl. If you don’t know what I mean google it, it would give you the giggles.

  8. 2PM: Taecyeon2pm-taecyeon
    Mr Fashion Terrorist himself is also part of this list. Ok so for now let’s just forget how he is a fashion terrorist and just focus on his masculine body and features??????? I mean come on have you seen him on Men’s health and the amount of shirt ripping performances for Heartbeat?

  9. Seventeen: S. Coups (Choi Sung Cheol)seventeen-s-coup
    Seventeen is a new boy group that is slowly growing on me, he is just so cute! I mean after watching One Fine Day where Seventeen were the main cast for that season I really felll slightly in love with his character. Another young one here Sung Cheol was born in 1995 :O

  10. Vixx: Leovixx-leo
    Probably the one with the most sophisticated and chiseled look on this list, LEO is the chic member of VIXX and I have to say I really like the mysterious look he gives people he can really burn you with those looks. I mean look at him!


Well that’s my list of my current Boy Group biases in K-POP. Who is your top 10 or even your list? Let us know by commenting below.

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