So if you are like me and you struggle with getting your hair coloured? Because it just doesn’t listen to you, then the only option is bleach. I know I know bleach is ridiculously bad for your hair but trust me it may be the only way especially is you have black hair like mine or hair that just does not cling on to the colour you want that is the only way.

Today I will share with you how I got the bottom of my hair blue:

From This:

To Bleached and coloured hair:

To This:

Products used to bleach and color my hair:

  • Bleach: Total Bleach London Kit
    • I bought 3 kits for my hair which is considered long.

I got all the products mentioned from Superdrug. Also since my hair at that time was pretty long and was very dark it took about three boxes of bleach to litghen my hair enough for the colouring process. So before I actually bleached and coloured my hair, it was actually a lighter brown so the process wasn’t as harsh on my hair than it should of been.

  •  Color: Vidal Sassoon Salonist Light Gold Brown
    • I purchased 2 boxes for my hair length which was just enough with no leftovers

Before I even wanted to dip dye my ends blue I actually wanted this colour for my hair although it took about 2 boxes and dying it 2 times over the course of two weeks was crazy. Although it worked it did take a toll on the structure and health of my hair.

Theses are the tools that was used to dip dye my ends so we used vaseline to line the sides of my head and my ears so we don’t dye them as well, also we didn’t have the right comb so we improvised and got this at a corner store right outside my university dorms.

The most important thing though was the dye I bought the Rockabily Blue dye by Manic Panic NYC, as we had to take it section by section it took a while but luckily we had the whole day to waste away.


After I washed everything out this is the result of so much dying and experimenting


That’s all folks for now

Stay Tuned for more updates and new posts!

Chat Soon XOXOXO


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