This Summer was really an adventure to say the least not only did I went to Germany (mainly Cologne) for my holiday, me and my brother also went on a 3 day adventure to Berlin. To say the least this was the most crazy 3 days that I have endured, there was a lot of fun but not everything will go perfectly as planned right. Follow me and let’s see what we got up to.

It all started with with our flight from Cologne (Bonn) to Berlin (Schönefeld) which was approximately an hour 20 minutes away. Here is our adventures in pictures, hope that they will take your breath away just as much as it did to me while I was there. Berlin was totally worth visiting even though the worse luck in my life happened at the end of the trip where I literally left my phone in the cab which not only was my only contact with my cousin back in Cologne but our tickets were saved on there, need less to say that last day was not only filled with fun but tears as well, I never cried like that in a foreign country in my life. Well it was a lesson learned, never leave personal belongings in the cab actually don’t even use your phone while in the cab you may not remember where you put it when you pay the fare. Enjoy the images peeps!

We bought two tickets for the hop on hop off bus tour for €50 and that permitted us to go on any of those tour bus for the three days that we were in Berlin we went on the traditional tour which took us to the tourist areas like the brandenburg gate, victory column and other famous tourist areas and on the last day we went on the historical route which took us to through the history of Berlin from the memorials to the berlin wall.

We also found the chance to visit Berlins very own Madame Tussauds which was close to the Brandenburg gate and I have to say it is definitely worth going to once, it tool about 30-45 minutes to complete the whole building and it was really intersting to see the statues of people that you would think you would ever get close to seeing like einstein, Anne Frank, celebrities and sport stars. We also got tickets to Seaworld which was close to Neptunes Fountain, although it was quite small it’s definitely worth going once.

In terms of our accommodation our cousin booked us into the InterCity Hotel that is minutes away from their famous train station Hauptbahnhof. Where we were also close to the tour buses as well and all we had to do was leave the hotel and walk around the corner to get on them.

Here are the pics!




Madame Tussauds: Berlin

img_1604 img_1603 img_1601 img_1600 img_1597img_1594 img_1591 img_1590-2 img_1589 img_1588img_1587 img_1586 img_1582 img_1578 img_1575-2img_1571 img_1574 img_1572 img_1566 img_1563img_1558


img_1658 img_1654 img_1644 img_1639 img_1638-2 img_1626 img_1631 img_1634

That’s all folks for now

Chat Soon  XOXO

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