Giving yourself a treat once in a while is not so bad. So during my lunch break I decided I was going to treat myself to some goodies and Models Own was calling my name. Technically I wanted to buy some chrome nail polish after seeing a few of my colleagues have them. So I entered the world of Models Own and well let’s just say I left with a few more stuff than just nail polish.

So Models Own had sales going on and most of their stuff were cheaper than it was so I bought 6 nail polish for only £20, eye primer base for £4.99, matte liquid lipstick for £6.49 and some makeup sponges that were only £1.99.


We’ll start the review with the nail polishes that I got:

In total I bought 6:

1) Chrome Red

Although it looks red when I swatched it, the colour was more of a berry pink/red kind of colour, not the red that was expected but it is still a nice colour to wear.

2) Chrome Turquoise

I actually really like this colour it is a deep blue shade with hints of green depending on the light.

3) Chrome Copper & 4) Chrome Rose

Now these two look very similar with both have the copper look to it although rose gold have little hints of pink although its hard to tell with the naked eye but in different lightings you can definitely tell. Although I do have to say that my favourite by far is the Chrome Rose one.

5) Chrome Chameleon

This is a more green colour with hints of silver and glistens along with the light, I can’t wait to paint this onto my nails and see what it looks like

6) Chrome Nacreous

This ones also another one of my favourites it is a deep purple colour and people who know me knows that I love Blue and purple.

Eye Base

Next we have the eye primer, I actually needed one as I was running low on my urban decay one and didn’t really want to splurge on another one yet and really wanted to try a different brand to see if it has the same effect as the urban decay eye primer. So I was told about this one by the sales assistant who by the way was te biggest help in my decision making on colours and what I needed.


Matte Liquid Lipstick

Moving onto the lips I really debated over this one and finally bought one, I wanted a matte liquid lipstick that didn’t leave a sticky texture as well as lasting a long time without chapping and getting the dry white bits in the corner of your mouth after a couple of hours. I do have to say that I have tried a lot of brands from Revolution to the NYX and so far NYX has been one of the best ones that I have got but I really do have to say Models Own is challenging NYX for the title.

This matte liquid lipstick does not leave a sticky after texture and when it dries it dries to the “T” Not only that but it also has a nice minty scent to it that keeps your lips refreshed and not feel extra dry and chappy. and they totally stay on tried rubbing my lips and it was hard to remove, the only way to remove the lipstick was with an oil based remover, otherwise you are going to have some sensitive lips for a bit. All in all I am loving my little splurge.

I also got roped into buying some makeup sponges while at the till ringing up the order but hey it was only £1.99 so I couldn’t resist.

That’s all for now folks

Stay Tuned for more posts

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