If you are a stationary lover or just love all things cute, DIY, Art, Organised, travel and tech then TYPO is the store for you. Not only is this a store that caters to the needs for those that love to keep their life organised but also for all you artsy people out there, Typo is definitely the store for you.

Why haven’t you heard of Typo you may ask?

Who Is TYPO?

Well the best answer would be that this gem has just recently made its debut to the British and European market, as it is the first of many subsidiaries of the Cotton On Group to venture to the UK. As the first ever store to hit the UK and Europe, it has made a massive impact on the stationary market. Let’s start with a bit of History shall we?

Historic Brand

Typo is an Australian brand that is part of the Cotton On Group, which is a massive brand in Australia, USA, and parts of Asia and New Zealand. Not only are they business savvy where they are able to set up shops and subsidiaries in many different departments such as clothing, childrens attire nd stationary they are also a charitable brand where the company has a program called the Typo Difference (charity tissues and tote bags currently in the UK) where 100% of the proceeds from the purchases of those products are used to develop projects in Uganda such as building and fitting schools with with the necessary products and utilities to provide children and teachers the opportunity to learn. Where else can you get a company and brand that care about philanthropic opportunities as well as the development of the brand globally?

What’s On Offer to the UK Market?

Right now TYPO offers an abundance of stationary products, gifting, drinking cups, tech (phone cases, attachable lens) headphones, cases (laptops and tablets), and travel accessories.

Has It peaked your interest yet?

Are you excited for this new obssession yet? I have and here are the photos to prove it!




And The Rest!

So That’s it my new shop for all things stationary and everything that is needed in life in order to live happily and provide the best presents that you can give a friend, family or loved ones. Trust me when I say their Valentines Day Cards will make you laugh and do a double take at the same time.

Not only that but the staff are just amazing speaking from personal exerience they are definitely one of a kind, it is hard to find a store that offers top notch customer service, with the intent in providing customers with a personal shopper experience, definitely need to head there again to stock up with new products, and with stuff that I never really knew I needed until I step foot into TYPO!!!!!!!

So everyone here is your PSA!!! Forget Paperchase and Tiger they have nothing as special as TYPO does, because where else can you get the funkiest pens and cards that would make anyone laugh and feel loved? Not to mention the fact that the store is never the same twice, swear down everytime I go there it’s a whole new store 🙂

Well That’s all for now peeps

Chat Soon XOXOXO

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