KPOP Boyband Bias Members Top 10

When it comes to Kpop and every fanatic out there will know, you will always have that one member that you are attracted to, well someone that you always gravitate to that is known as a Bias, and the reason could simply be because they are the most handsome person you have ever seen or … Continue Reading

Gfriend Comeback with “Navillera”

G-friend are back with their first full album “LOL” with the title song”Navillera” This is their first ever full length album. As it is an full album I won’t get into all the songs, today I will be reviewing only the title song “Navillera” First of a little background on this group, they debut in … Continue Reading

Summer 2016: A season of K-POP Comeback and Debuts

The summer is almost here and you know what that means for everyone that is obssessed with K-POP (I am for definitely). So far there a few that I have been obssessed with and I feel that you shold be obssessed with me. I will now name my top 10 comebacks and debuts that I … Continue Reading

Oh My Girl! Liar Liar Comeback

Oh My Girl is back with a full mini album called Pink Ocean. Oh My Girl debuted in 2015, and at first I wasn’t that interested in the group because I thought oh they are going to just be another Girls Generation or GFriend kind of group, but I have to say that they are … Continue Reading

CLC Comeback Album Review

CLC (Crystal Clear) are back with a new mini-album called “Refresh” with new members although only one new member Elkie (who is from Hong Kong) will be promoting with the group for this round of promotions as Kwon EunBin is still under contract with Mnet for the Survival TV show Produce 101. This is their … Continue Reading