TYPO takes the UK and European market by storm!

If you are a stationary lover or just love all things cute, DIY, Art, Organised, travel and tech then TYPO is the store for you. Not only is this a store that caters to the needsĀ for those that love to keep their life organised but also for all you artsy people out there, Typo is … Continue Reading

Time for celebration Graduation 2K16

So it has been two weeks since I finally graduated from university, well it only took that much time for me to actually soak in the fact that I really graduated from university and the fact that I am no longer a student still kind of scares me. It was a hectic day to say … Continue Reading

How To: Chocolate Cake for Beginners

So today I randomly decided I wanted to try baking again and see if this baking thing is something I can do. So I decided to make a simple Chocolate Cake but instead of a buttercream filling I went for a Vanilla Whipped Cream Frosting with fresh Strawberries and as for the frostingĀ I used chocolate … Continue Reading

“The Real Greek” Restaurant and Food Review

Me and my friends headed to Shepherds Bush for a belated Dinner for Claudia and Adam. We found a place that was convenient and close enough for us all to travel to without having to drive there. As mentioned the restaurant in located in Shepherds Bush (Westfield) and is located by Shepherds Bush Underground (or … Continue Reading

Turning 23 with the family!

Another year has gone by too quickly, I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday and to be honest, I do not feel any different, I guess I won’t be able to tell until I turn 25 I think, well hopefully. I have the same mentaility and goals but probably and hoefully a bit more wiser in … Continue Reading