Models Own Haul

Giving yourself a treat once in a while is not so bad. So during my lunch break I decided I was going to treat myself to some goodies and Models Own was calling my name. Technically I wanted to buy some chrome nail polish after seeing a few of my colleagues have them. So I entered the … Continue Reading

My Acne Story

Ok so we all have acne problems on a daily basis and we have all gone through that stage where acne was one of the problems of growing up. Here is my story! When I was 18 I broke out like it was no ones business, it got to the point that not even makeup … Continue Reading

Face Mask That Is Beyond Cute

We all love the feeling of masks especially the feeling of the aftermath after your skin soak up all the liquid. Recently i purchased some face masks from Amazon, you may be familiar with them, they are the animal masks that has taken Asia by storm with many kpop stars and korean celebrities raving about them … Continue Reading

Amie Naturally Kind Skincare line review

So a couple of weeks ago we went to the London Blogging Fashion Week in Hoxton. We came across a brand called Amie (Friend in French) which is a natural skincare and product line for sensitive skin, that is created by top beautyexpert Fiona Parkhouse. According to their website their products are are ideal for … Continue Reading

Makeup Revolution London Highlight Palette Review

I am not really a person that realy fusses with contouring and highlighting my face, since my skin is on the lighter side I thought that it may not be as visible as I want it to be. However while I was roaming through Superdrug I came across the Makeup Revlution London Highlight Palette, and … Continue Reading