My Acne Story

Ok so we all have acne problems on a daily basis and we have all gone through that stage where acne was one of the problems of growing up. Here is my story! When I was 18 I broke out like it was no ones business, it got to the point that not even makeup … Continue Reading

Gfriend Comeback with “Navillera”

G-friend are back with their first full album “LOL” with the title song”Navillera” This is their first ever full length album. As it is an full album I won’t get into all the songs, today I will be reviewing only the title song “Navillera” First of a little background on this group, they debut in … Continue Reading

Time for celebration Graduation 2K16

So it has been two weeks since I finally graduated from university, well it only took that much time for me to actually soak in the fact that I really graduated from university and the fact that I am no longer a student still kind of scares me. It was a hectic day to say … Continue Reading

Graduation Ball Outfit

A short few weeks ago I attended my universities Graduation Ball, it was a time to finally get dressed up and look glamourous for a night and enjoy the presence of friends after 5 days of gruelling exams. Let me telly ou how hard it is to find the perfect dress for that one perfect … Continue Reading

Face Mask That Is Beyond Cute

We all love the feeling of masks especially┬áthe feeling of the aftermath after your skin soak up all the liquid. Recently i purchased some face masks from Amazon, you may be familiar with them, they are the animal masks that has taken Asia by storm with many kpop stars and korean celebrities raving about them … Continue Reading