Comic Con Outfit Of The Day

So I went to Comic Con this year and after the first time I just felt that I should just go as casual as I can go. So this is my outfit and let me tell you I may not fit in with the world but I just like being me and that’s what is … Continue Reading

MCM Comic Con Convention

I am back sorry I have been MIA again, as mentioned I moved back home after living on campus at university for a year and I finally got my room in order and I finally have space to put my laptop. So to celebrate my return I will be taking you guys through my trip … Continue Reading

Summer 2016: A season of K-POP Comeback and Debuts

The summer is almost here and you know what that means for everyone that is obssessed with K-POP (I am for definitely). So far there a few that I have been obssessed with and I feel that you shold be obssessed with me. I will now name my top 10 comebacks and debuts that I … Continue Reading

Cambirdge Outing OOTD

Hey everyone I know it has been a very long time since I have posted something new but I have just been quite the busy bee lately with final year exams and then the whle moving out of campus, and then to unpack everything into my tiny little room again and I’m still not done. … Continue Reading

How To: Chocolate Cake for Beginners

So today I randomly decided I wanted to try baking again and see if this baking thing is something I can do. So I decided to make a simple Chocolate Cake but instead of a buttercream filling I went for a Vanilla Whipped Cream Frosting with fresh Strawberries and as for the frostingĀ I used chocolate … Continue Reading